Saving to the Million


משלוח עם שליח חינם

בהזמנת 3 ספרים ומעלה

Saving to the Million

Anyone who saves and invests, even a few dollars a day, can assure for themselves and their children a million dollars or more

Zvika Bergman, a renowned businessman, bestselling author, and publisher, has filled his latest book with a wide range of helpful money-saving tools, and explains many important and powerful investment options available to everyone.

In flowing, accessible language, Bergman simplifies the complex world of financial investing and demonstrates how people of all ages can save a million dollars or more over a period of 30 years, ensuring for themselves a comfortable and secure retirement.

In the first part, Saving to the Million offers dozens of easy everyday tips to help families save hundreds of shekels every week.

In the second part, the author presents a range of effective investment approaches, including mutual funds, shares and bonds, and the wonderful potential of interest on interest – the interest earned upon the re-investment of interest payments.

“We all want a million dollars, but it seems that most people believe that the only way to get it is by winning the lottery. This may be the most tragic financial mistake that many people make,” says author Bergman.

Zvika Bergman is a founder of the first Israeli web-based economic forum, and a leading Israeli stockbroker. Bergman has published over 50 books in Hebrew, including many bestsellers.